French and Indian War


Growing up in Western New York State, the history of 18th-century colonial conflict among European and Native American nations was all around me. The French and Indian War (1754-1763) in particular has been a personal growing interest as an important sideshow to the larger Seven Years’ War (1756-1763) which is arguably the first true world war. Not only did the war end French dominance in North America, it also laid important social, political and military groundwork for the world-changing American Revolution (1765-1783). That the important FIW gets so little attention in American history makes it all the more fascinating for me to pursue the period as a wargamer.

French and Indian War Miniatures

After years of painting other eras in multiple scales, I decided in 2015 to dip my brush into getting some miniatures from the FIW added to my collection. Since then, I’ve painted up hundreds of figures from a whole host of manufacturers from the US and Europe. Primarily, my focus is on metal miniatures in 28mm scale, although sizes can vary from the “old school” 25mm to the more modern “heroic” scale that nears 30mm. I buy almost all my figures direct from manufacturers, and the logos below link to the homepage for each company. Below that, I have separate detailed links off to painted examples of all the miniatures I’ve collected so far. I’ve also included some terrain and other scenery projects. All in, I’ve got plenty of figures and rules to satisfy my FIW gaming for some time to come.



Blue Moon Manufacturing Fine Scale Miniatures


Comparing 28mm Miniatures Scales – British

Comparing 28mm Miniatures Scales – French – COMING SOON!

Comparing 28mm Miniatures Scales – Indians

British Colonial Militia from Kings Mountain Miniatures

British Grenadiers from Blue Moon Manufacturing, AW Miniatures and Conquest Miniatures

British Light Infantry from AW Miniatures, Front Rank Figurines and Redoubt Miniatures

British Regular Infantry from Blue Moon Manufacturing

British Regular Infantry from Conquest Miniatures

British Regular Infantry for North Star Military Miniatures

British Royal American Regiment from Blue Moon Manufacturing

Civilian Workers, Guides and Pack Animals from Fife and Drum Miniatures and Wargames Foundry

Civilians and Settlers from Galloping Major Wargames

Civilians and Working Pioneers from Redoubt Enterprises

Colonel George Washington from Eureka Miniatures

Compagnie Franches de la Marine from Conquest Miniatures

Compagnie Franches de la Marine from Galloping Major Wargames

False Face Society Shaman and Jesuit Priest from Sash and Saber Castings

French Canadian Militia from Black Hussar Miniatures

French Canadian Militia from Blue Moon Manufacturing

French Canadian Militia from North Star Military Figures

French Regulars from AW Miniatures

French Regulars from Conquest Miniatures – COMING SOON!

French Regulars from 1st Corps – COMING SOON!

Gorham’s Rangers from Galloping Major Wargames

Indian Civilians from Sash and Saber Castings

Indian Raiders and Sachems from Redoubt Enterprises

Indian Warriors from AW Miniatures

Indian Warriors from Conquest Miniatures

Indian Warriors from Galloping Major Wargames

Indian Warriors from Knuckleduster Miniatures

Indian Warriors from North Star Military Figures

Indian Warriors from Redoubt Enterprises

Indians Warriors from Sash and Saber Castings

Indian Warriors in Canoes from Warlord Games – COMING SOON!

Mounted Officers and Characters from Sash and Saber Castings and Warlord Games

Mule Train from Warlord Games

Pennsylvania Provincials from Sash and Saber Castings

Rogers Rangers from Galloping Major Wargames

Scottish Highlanders from AW Miniatures – COMING SOON!

Scottish Highlanders from North Star Military Figures

Stockbridge Indians from Galloping Major Wargames – COMING SOON!

Virginia Provincials from Galloping Major Wargames

Working Pioneers from Black Hussar Miniatures

Scenery and Terrain

Building Fort Necessity in 28mm

Campsite Terrain from Renedra Limited, WizKids and Mantic Games

Conestoga and Supply Wagons from Perry Miniatures

Re-Building a 28mm Wilderness Fortification

French and Indian War Gaming and History

While I’m waiting for the paint to dry, I keep reading up on the period, visiting historic sites, watching documentaries, listening to podcasts and playing a lot of FIW boardgames.

Boardgames of the French and Indian War – Part I

Boardgames of the French and Indian War – Part II

Selected References

Touring French and Indian War America

Touring the French and Indian War – Campaigns In The Ohio Country

Touring the French and Indian War – Upstate New York – COMING SOON!