Places To Play

Planning Generals

Finding a place to play is always one of the first challenges for gamers of all types. For those of us in New York City, there is a growing community of groups and spaces for players of all types and ages. As president of Metropolitan Wargamers in Brooklyn, NY I’m fortunate to be a part of a group of players who meet regularly in our own club space for board games, RPGs and miniatures gaming stretching across every era and theme.

When I’m not at MWG, I’ve been actively seeking to reach out and connect with other gaming groups and spaces throughout the city. Fortunately, we’re living in a era where gaming is very much on the rise beyond traditional groups of hardcore gamers, and new venues have been popping up all over for the past couple years. Check out the links below to tap into a community that suits your needs and interest whether they be adult boardgame nights, children’s programs, miniatures gaming groups or other hobbying events. These days, there’s a place at the table for everyone.

Brooklyn Game Lab

Brooklyn Strategist

Metropolitan Wargamers

Nu Brand Gaming

The Uncommons — COMING SOON!