15mm Modelling

ussoldiersdday I love the miniature modelling aspect of wargaming, and there’s a ton to offer in the World War II period. In 15mm, my go-to manufacturers are Flames of War from Battlefront Miniatures, the Plastic Soldier Company and Command Decision from Old Glory Miniatures. My modelling mostly focuses on Germans, Americans and UK forces, all geared toward the Late War period from D-Day onward in Western Europe. In the summer of 2014 I expanded my US forces with some troops fitted out for the 1943-1945 Italian Campaign. For the Americans, I’ve modelled a hefty number of basic US rifle infantry and US airborne, plus supporting heavy weapons for all. The airborne troops are filled-out with special warrior characters from the famed 101st Airborne “Band of Brothers” of Easy Company. Added to that I have lots of Sherman tanks (in both 75mm and 76mm gun versions), some M7 Priest mobile guns, a M10 tank destroyer platoon, a group of M3 Stuarts and a 155mm field artillery battery. Flying above the field is a P-47 Thunderbolt and a L4 Grasshopper observer plane. To keep enemy aircraft away, I also have a some M13/M16 MGMC “quad-50” anti-aircraft guns. The whole force is rounded out with some jeeps, trucks and half tracks. The core of my Germans feature both infantry Grenadiers and the Fallschirmjäger platoons with the requisite mortar and heavy-machine gun support. For mobile firepower, I’ve got a deadly Tiger I platoon plus Panther As, Panzer IVs and some Stug assault guns. To thwart Allied aircraft, I’ve got some Sd. Kfz. 7/1 anti-aircraft guns. I also have a motorcycle platoon as well as half tracks, trucks and various smaller transport vehicles. My UK collection is growing. I’ve recently finished my Guards Armoured Division with some 75mm Shermans and powerful Firefly tanks. My Royal Artillery Battery was completed next, followed by my British rifle company and supporting weapons. Finally, I’ve flown in a Typhoon for some British air support. One thing you’ll notice from the photos of my games is that I love terrain, so I’ll also post some articles here from time time on what’s new in modelling the beaches, towns and bocage-lined inland areas of France and the rest of Western Europe. The posts below give a view into some of my more recent projects and some reviews of models from different miniatures companies. germany


FOW Grenadierkompanie

FOW Sd. Kfz. 7/1 Anti-Aircraft Gun

FOW 8.8cm FlaK 36 Platoon

FOW 15cm sFH18 Heavy Howitzer Battery – COMING SOON!

PSC Panzer IV Tanks

PSC Late War German Infantry Heavy Weapons


United Kingdom

FOW Guards Armoured Division – Part I

FOW Guards Armoured Division – Part II

FOW Cromwell and Firefly Tank Platoon

FOW Universal Carrier Platoon

FOW Royal Artillery Battery

FOW British Rifle Company, Machine Gun Platoon and 6-Pdr Anti-Tank Platoon

FOW Hawker Typhoon

PSC Cromwell and Firefly Tank Platoon


United States

CD and FOW M13/M16 MGMC AA

FOW L4 Grasshopper AOP

FOW Easy Company

FOW P-47 Thunderbolt

FOW M10 Tank Destroyer Platoon

FOW M1 57mm Anti-Tank Platoon

PSC 92nd Infantry Division Buffalo Soldiers

PSC US Mortar Support Platoons

PSC Stuart Tanks



JR Miniatures 15mm Arnhem Row Houses

Mark IV Miniatures European Western Front Buildings

Modelling Western European Terrain in 15mm

Najewitz Modellbau 15mm Pegasus Bridge

Novus Design Studio 15mm City Block Ruins

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