28mm After Action Reports


Playing WWII scenarios at larger scales adds a lot of nuance and detail to the gaming experience. At the individual platoon and figure level things like wounds, jammed weapons, low ammunition, more varied weapon characteristics, finer movement and battlefield stressers from enemy fire can play as much of a factor in battle as actually moving and firing with troops.

Using my 28mm figures and models from a large collection of 20mm at Metropolitan Wargamers in Brooklyn, NY, we’re able to put on some very different battles than we’re used to at the 15mm scale. For scenarios at the 20mm and 28mm scale, the books from the Skirmish Campaigns series offer a lot of specifics and historical context for putting together some very satisfying games. For rules, we’re using the classic Battleground system. Check out the AARs below and stop back for more as the list of platoon level games grows.


Iron Wedge – July 12, 1943


Uncle Red – June 6, 1944

Brecourt Manor – June 6, 1944

La Fiere – June 6, 1944

Bocage HQ Near Le Mesnil-Rouxelin – June 17, 1944

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