28mm Modelling


Modelling World War II at 28mm brings a whole other level of detail with figures displaying a ton of individuality in equipment and poses seldom achieved at smaller scales.



I bought into the 28mm scale with a bunch of models from Artizan Designs, Black Tree Design and Warlord Games. All my models have been metal, averaging about $2 USD per figure. Each of the manufacturers produce models with sharp, detailed castings with minimal flash clean up prior to painting. The models from Artizan and Warlord tend to work best together with slightly chunkier figures and lots of equipment details. The Black Tree miniatures are a little more on the thin and delicate side and feature a bit less equipment. Together, the mix of models from the three makers present a nice diversity in poses and personality, and they all scale well on the table.



Artizan Designs German Infantry And MG 42 HMG (First Platoon)

Artizan Designs German Infantry And MG 42 HMG (Second Platoon)

Artizan Designs German Anti-Tank Weapons And Command

Black Tree Design Wehrmacht Infantry

Black Tree Design Wehrmacht Infantry and Mortar

Warlord Games 10.5cm Howitzers

Warlord Games  PaK 40, Forward Observers and Command

Warlord Games Veteran Grenadier Squad and Kubelwagen


United States

Artizan Designs US Airborne

Artizan Designs US Airborne Support Weapons

Artizan Designs US Airborne Pathfinders And Characters

Black Tree Design US Airborne

Rubicon Models M4A3 Sherman

Warlord Games US Airborne HQ, Jeeps and 57mm Anti-Tank Gun

Warlord Games US Airborne Pathfinders and Willys Jeeps

Warlord Games US Airborne Squad and HQ

Warlord Games US Airborne Support Weapons

Warlord Games US .50 Cal H2 Heavy Machine Gun

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