IABSM After Action Reports


Too Fat Lardies, the publishers of I Ain’t Been Shot Mum, do an excellent job at producing historic scenarios for 15mm World War II play. Since IABSM is best played with a referee, each scenario contains briefings for each side plus an umpire’s briefing. Simple maps are provided for terrain layout and nifty charts helpfully define exactly how many of each model is required for a scenario.

For D-Day and the actions after during the Normandy Campaign, the Where The Hell Have You Been Boys? book is a fantastic resource with 21 scenarios written specially for IABSM. The Sicilian Weekend book has also been fun in outlining a campaign for the invasion of Sicily through a campaign of 24 historical battles. We’ve also found scenarios from various books by Skirmish Campaigns to be easily adapted to IABSM games, beginning with our Panzer Lehr Counterattack mini campaign. For Eastern Front games, we’ve also turned to Battlegroup Kursk by Iron Fist Publishing for some wonderfully detailed scenarios.


South East of Butera July 11, 1943

Gela July 11, 1943



West Of The Oktiabrski State Farm July 12, 1943



Pegasus Bridge and Bénouville June 6, 2015

Find The Guns/Protect The Guns

Holding The Pointe/Retaking The Pointe

South of Vierville


A Canadian V.C. – Saint Lambert-Sur-Dives 1944

North of Caen 1944

Panzer Lehr Counterattack Campaign – ‘Hauts-Vents’ July 10, 1944

Panzer Lehr Counterattack Campaign – ‘Morning of the 902nd’ July 11, 1944

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