FOW After Action Reports


Once you’ve put in the hours studying what forces to field and painting up scores of miniatures, it’s time for them to hit the battlefield. There are countless books and movies about World War II to inspire an interest in recreating classic battles or make up your own “what if” scenarios.

The Flames of War site offers dozens of historic scenarios set-up for play with accompanying maps, force lists and special rules. The WWPD (What Would Patton Do?) website also offers a list of FOW scenarios divided into Late, Mid and Late war periods. Easy Army, a very handy online FOW force-building website, has a really great interactive map of European and North African scenarios color-coded by period.

As time goes on, I’ll post more of my after-action reports (AAR) on my historic scenario gaming as well as some other special event gaming from the Metropolitan Wargamers club.


Omaha Beach, “Easy Green” – June 6, 1944

Utah Beach, “Uncle Red” – June 6, 1944

La Fiere Causeway – June 6-9, 1944

“Wittmann’s Wild Ride” – June 13, 1944 – COMING SOON!

Lingèvres – June 14, 1944

Barkmann’s Corner – July 27, 1944

Sint-Oedenrode – September 17-24, 1944

Aalst – September 18, 1944

Hunner Park – September 20, 1944

Singling – December 6, 1944

Buchholz Station – December 16, 1944

Foy – January 13, 1945


Battle of the Bulge


Dust Up “Blood, Guts and Glory”



Free-For-All “Desperate Measures”

Hit The Beach


Metropolitan Wargamers Tanksgiving 2015

Metropolitan Wargamers Tanksgiving 2014

Metropolitan Wargamers Summer 2013 FOW Day

Metropolitan Wargamers Tanksgiving 2013

Metropolitan Wargamers D-Day Plus 70 Event

Metropolitan Wargamers Infantry Aces Campaign

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