“Do you wanna play a game?”

Nearly a year ago I started a new job and was flown from New York to Seattle to spend a week with my new team to plot out our goals for the year. In one of those typical corporate ice-breaker exercises, we each went around the table in turn and stated something unique about ourselves. People talked about how they liked to dance, a funny anecdote from their youth or an exotic trip they once took.

When it was my turn, I said, “I play wargames. I paint hundreds of tiny soldiers and then spend hours refighting historic battles.”

I love games, all sorts of games.

Board games, dice games, card games, strategy games, role playing games, video games, logic games and wargames. For most people I meet, their idea of a game is Monopoly or maybe chess. So, when I start describing my love of games to new acquaintances it usually takes a fair amount of description before they understand.

Brooklyn Wargaming is my new place to talk about games, most probably to an audience who already has an interest but hopefully to other people, too. I’ll post pics on my own gaming adventures, plus some commentary on wider gaming innovation, evolution, theory and applications.

And yes, I would love to play a game.

(photo via Wikimedia Commons)

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